Within these walls, being ourselves is easy.

The Helo tagline is: Genuine sauna. It is a position that reflects our history and Finnish roots, but it goes further. For Finns, sauna is a way of life – from early times sauna was the key room in any Finnish household. Once used for cleaning, curing illness and even delivering babies, this form of bathing has become best known for relaxing the body and mind and for providing the ultimate sense of well-being.

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  • Traditional, hot rock saunas - From custom-cut to beautiful panel-built rooms, Helo can design a room to meet your specifications.
  • Low EMR/Low EF Far-Infrared Saunas - Designed to provide superior performance, while bringing EMR/EF levels below the stringent Swedish standards.
  • InfraSauna - Do you enjoy traditional sauna, but your spouse prefers infrared? The InfraSauna provides the best of both, without compromise.

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