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  1. May 31

    The Orange County Bar Assn Real Estate Section had Martin Greenbaum as the speaker on Enforcing Judgments against Real Property last week.

  2. Jan 29

    Transferring property when you have a creditor aggressively pursuing a debt is a bad idea for friends, family or other recipient or assets.

  3. 21 Dec 2016

    Collection cases with Arbitration Clauses in the documents can usually be circumvented when the amount at issue is easily proven.

  4. 14 Sep 2016

    We don't make collection calls because creditors should do that first. Here are 10 tips on collection calls.

  5. 13 Sep 2016

    Collection Defendant Attorney threatens "motion practice" in Arbitration. Allowed only if advances the goal of low cost/ better efficiency

  6. 12 Sep 2016

    Sister State Judgments are very collectible. There are technicalities. see .

  7. 17 Mar 2016

    The statute of limitations to go after property of an estate in California is generally one year from the date of death.

  8. 12 Mar 2016

    In a consumer debt collection under FDCPA, the collector can't add a set percentage for attorneys fees.

  9. 12 Mar 2016

    Contingent Fee is a risk shifting technique. You risk paying 1/3rd against the risk of paying big hourly fees and not collecting.

  10. 3 Oct 2013

    Drafting Retainer Agreements: via

  11. 26 Sep 2013

    Martin Greenbaum, Esq. of the Greenbaum Law Group, LLP discusses common pitfalls when signing questionable...

  12. 26 Sep 2013

    Martin Greenbaum, Esq. discusses Engaging Questionable Clients: via

  13. 4 Feb 2013

    Levied on another Judgment Debtor's bank account. Siezed up nearly half the money owed, thanks to our friends...

  14. 28 Jan 2013

    Personal Guarantors are shocked when demand is made on them bacause their principal defaulted.

  15. 21 Jan 2013

    Pesticide Company refuses to pay its debt, so we're placing a lien on all their trademarks. Better pay those bills!

  16. 14 Jan 2013

    Court ordered ex-husband to pay forensic accountant. He didn't, and now he'll be sorry...

  17. 14 Jan 2013

    Online event registration website didn't remit payment to the organizer. They kept the money, so we sued!

  18. 10 Jan 2013

    International Creditor Collections pose interesting question of Jurisdiction via

  19. 9 Jan 2013

    Just sued a Personal Guarantor on a company lease, who thought the Landlord would forget. They don't.

  20. 2 Jan 2013

    Settled case against defunct corporation because principal didn't want his name associated with an entity with a...

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